Your Entrepreneurial Dream Begins at ACA

Independent life insurance professionals join American Classic Agency (ACA) because of the lucrative compensation (payouts start at 50%), ability to work part-time without sales quotas, and choice to recruit, sell, or do both.

They stay (average tenure is 15 years) and thrive at ACA, because of the training, back-office support, and community of successful agents to lean on.

OUR FOUNDER Jerry Policastro
Jerry Policastro

The Power of Entrepreneurship

ACA founder Jerry Policastro believed, “Nothing is more empowering than entrepreneurship.” He launched the Jacksonville, Florida based independent marketing organization in 1995 to support life insurance professionals determined to build financial legacies for their clients, and for their own families.

Legacy of Leadership

When Jerry retired in 2018, he made two longtime ACA agent leaders and two home office executives co-owners of the company. With the transition of leadership, ACA is now one of the industry’s largest blended and diverse independent marketing organizations.

Today, President Anthony Stewart and Senior Vice President Pam Percival are building on Jerry’s legacy, with an eye toward the future. They are committed to recruiting, developing, retaining, and promoting the next generation of industry-leading entrepreneurs

Who Is ACA?

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Executive Team

Desire to serve. Dare to dream.


American Classic Agency is committed to creating $1.5 billion of life insurance protection and tax-free, future income for the clients in 2023, while helping them eliminate $1.5 billion of debt in less than 9 years.


American Classic Agency's independent life insurance professionals will be agents of change by helping families with:

  • Income Protection
  • Debt Elimination
  • Legacy Creation


Focused on face amount, ACA's independent life insurance professionals will empower 6,000 families with living and death benefits to create family financial strength and collective community impact.