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Douglas Eze
Chief Marketing Officer

Once he was entrenched in the company's culture, which prioritizes integrity, loyalty, and an abundance mindset, it did not take Douglas long to shift his thinking. "I began to see myself as a business owner, a marketer, and an agency builder," he recalls. "I was driven by a desire to serve people who were sick and tired of being sick and tired, like I once was."

At ACA Douglas learned to eliminate debt, borrow from himself for major purchases, create a financial legacy, and minimize taxes using cash value life insurance. "It's a strategy that wealthy families have used since the 1800s," explains Douglas, who now travels the country teaching others to do the same. "ACA's product mix allows me to meet the needs of high earners, Middle American families, and institutions alike."

Since ACA's training program gives agents the tools to sell, recruit or do both, Douglas is equally passionate about offering professionals the same opportunity he was given. His team of 600 active agents includes career financial services professionals with various designations, part-timers looking for extra income, and career changers eager for a new beginning. Two traits unite Douglas’s recruits. They all desire to serve and dare to dream big.

"Not everyone with a heart to win has an impressive resume," he insists. "But I will share my time and talent with anyone eager to put forth the same effort." Douglas has led a product and best practices training class, which is open to all ACA agents, every Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST for the past 15 years.

He was rewarded for his drive, focus, and commitment in 2018, when ACA founder Jerry Policastro offered him and three colleagues an opportunity to purchase the company. The transfer of ownership makes ACA the largest African American- and female-owned IMO in the industry.

Douglas still actively recruits and sells, while working with ACA's leadership team to build on the company's 26-year history of recruiting, developing, retaining, and promoting the next generation of industry-leading entrepreneurs.

Desire to serve? Dare to dream big?

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