Retirement Planning


When I retire, I am going to ________. What a great question and not an easy one to answer. Retirement may be nothing more than a far off dream at this point in your life. How much money will you need? When can you retire? Can you retire? Well, that depends...on you. By beginning early enough, with proper planning and some help from National Life Group we will get all of your retirement questions answered. Let's fill in your blank.

Planning your big day is one thing, planning your life together is another exciting challenge. Deciding where to live, putting a budget together for the first time and thinking about protecting the one you love: any or all of these can be challenging. But they don’t have to be. It may even make sense to review prior to your walk down the aisle. We can do that. With a wide range of products and other services let us help you to protect what needs protecting, grow what needs growing and plan for what needs planning. Grow old together!


Today many retirees face the challenge of outliving income. You have done all of the hard work up to this point and feel like you are prepared. However there are still variables that you might not be able to completely control. What you want to do is minimize those and protect yourself as much as you can against the unknown. National Life Insurance Company has been in business for over 165 years and pride ourselves on keeping our promises. Our team of professionals is equipped with knowledge and resources and will work with you to help ensure you are able to live life on your terms.

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Our legacy will be how you are remembered and how you will impact the future. A big part of your legacy plan will be focused on how you want to distribute your assets to family members. Making sure you have all the proper documents like a will and possibly trusts. But a legacy is more than leaving an inheritance to your survivors - it may include benefiting a favorite charity as well. Giving and asking for nothing in return is the noblest of gestures.

Organizations that do so much for so many simply could not exist without charitable donations. As a retiree, your time will certainly be invaluable and you may want to give back in some form or fashion. There are others today and for many tomorrows. What could be better? Our products and services can be leveraged to establish financial resources to be delivered as well as providing certain tax benefits. What is your Legacy?

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